“Piano Jazz — Chicago Style!” movie

During the past year, John Ochs (AJM Member) produced a documentary movie called Piano Jazz – Chicago Style!  The film has been chosen as an “Official Selection” of the New York Jazz Film Festival.

The film was co-directed by John and jazz pianist Ray Skjelbred, who also wrote the script and served as the film’s sole performer. The movie’s content is biographical in nature, blending Skjelbred’s solo piano performances and demonstrations of technique with personal anecdotes about his friendships with legendary Chicago pianists Earl (Father) Hines, Joe Sullivan, Jess Stacy, and Art Hodes. The running time of the film is 83 minutes.

The sound engineer, Bob Morgan, contributed this note about the sound quality of the film:

“In addition to a wonderful performance by Ray Skjelbred (non-stop with no edits), I’m very happy with the way the sound came out. I used an early 1960’s RCA BK-11 ribbon mic as the primary source – the center microphone. This mic is the reason that the sound is so good on this video. I also used my two Rode NTK mikes  left and right in a 3’ triangle with the RCA mic.”