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The Australian Jazz Museum (AJM) mission is to Proactively Collect, Archive and Disseminate Australian Jazz.

Proactively Collecting – we collect anything to do with Australian jazz, with special attention given to saving rare recordings on fragile media such as tape or acetate. Click here to search through our selection.

Sure, our collection includes thousands of jazz recordings from overseas, since no music can exist in a vacuum. But the AJM mainly collects Australian jazz: recordings, videos, concert materials, festival materials, memoirs, posters, books, etc. – everything related to Australian jazz, Australians playing jazz elsewhere in the world, and non-Australians playing jazz in Australia. Our collection includes Australian jazz materials from the 1920s through to the present, covering all jazz eras and all types of jazz. Our collection continues to grow thanks to generous donations of both older and current materials. If you have some current or older jazz recordings or materials that you would like to donate, we would love to add them to the collection!

Archiving – state-of-the-art storage

Recordings made on old media are carefully transferred to best-available current media using the latest applicable technology and then stored securely under archival conditions to ensure their preservation for the enjoyment of both current generations and future generations.

Disseminating – we want to share what we have

The AJM actively shares Australian jazz and Australian jazz knowledge. Our curators develop jazz exhibits; our volunteers produce a quarterly magazine; our sound technicians create compilation CDs of rare and/or previously unreleased tracks; and we aim to make as much of our collection as possible accessible online. Everyone is welcome to search our collection via the database link, to use our reference library, or to work with access copies of material in the collection. We run and host jazz workshops and seminars. We assist members, students, historians, and researchers with their jazz research, papers, history, video, and documentary projects.

If your organisation, event, radio or TV show would like to have a speech, presentation, workshop, or interview about Australian jazz, please contact us!

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The AJM is fully accredited as a Museum by Museums Australia (Victoria); certified as a Place of Deposit by the Victorian Public Records Office ; recognised by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) as being part of the national distributed collection of audio-visual material; and is a member of the Australian Jazz Archive National Council (AJANC)

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The AJM is run and staffed entirely by volunteers, and does not receive any government funding.

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