Bob Barnard Jazz Party 1999 – Marty Grosz – GRO 039

1.  Take Me To That Land Of Jazz
2.  Medley: Up Jumped You With Love/Ain't Cha Glad/Keep A Song In Your Soul
3.  Isn't Love The Strangest Thing?
4.  I Wish That I Were Twins
5.  Medley: Rhythm For Sale/He Ain't Got Rhythm/I've Got Rhythm
6.  A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid
7.  The English Blues
8.  When I Take My Sugar To Tea
9.  Changes 
10.  Just A Gigolo
11.  All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm
12.  The Lady's In Love with You
13.  Emaline
14.  Swing That Music

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