Graphic Design Team

 Volunteers Wanted!

 Graphic Design Team’s Goals and Plans

  • Overall Goals:
    • Develop a consistent, high quality, engaging corporate identity and look for the AJM across all media (logo and branding, web-site graphics and design, email announcements, magazine, hard copy mailings, stationary, museum signage, event signage, videos, etc.)
    • Provide graphic design support and inspiration to AJM volunteers involved with marketing, membership, fundraising, public relations, events, etc.
  • Short Term Plans:
    • Develop the AJM corporate identity and look, including usage guidelines.
    • Work with the AJM’s web-site team to implement the standards on the web-site.
    • Work with the AJM’s marketing and events teams to update brochures and signage.
    • Work with the AJM’s magazine team to update the magazine.
    • Work with these same teams and other teams as projects are initiated.

 Skills Desired and Responsibilities

  • Graphics Design Leader
    • Skills: Leadership, drive, management skills, and initiative.
    • Report to, and coordinate with the AJM’s marketing manager.
    • Set standards, plus assign, prioritise and manage projects.
  • All Graphics Designers (including the leader)
    • Creativity and design sense applicable to all media.
    • Focus on the importance of implementing designs consistently across various media (web, print, video, etc.) on all projects.
    • Teamwork and enthusiasm – work with graphic design team members, as well as members of other teams (marketing, membership, IT, etc.).

 Volunteer On-Site and/or On-Line! 

If you volunteer on-site, please aim for at least one day per week: Tue., Wed., and/or Fri.  If you volunteer on-line, the schedule is project dependent and much more flexible.


Great!  Please contact our volunteer coordinator Margot Davies.  Her contact information is on the AJM’s Volunteer page.