Volunteers Wanted!

Join our Fun Group of Volunteers!

The Australian Jazz Museum is led and run entirely by volunteers and we love listening to jazz while we work. Volunteers can help out on-site (at the AJM), off-site, or online. All experience levels are welcome.

Volunteer Opportunities

We would love to add more volunteers (leaders and team members) to the following teams – click on the link for a team/position description:

If you have a great idea for an AJM team, project, or initiative that isn’t listed – volunteer anyway! We love new ideas!

Volunteer On-site or Online/Off-site

  • Onsite (at the AJM). If you volunteer on-site, we ask that you volunteer a minimum of one day a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday), which makes it easier to coordinate with your fellow volunteers.
  • Online or off-site. If you volunteer online or off-site, the time-frame is project dependent, and therefore much more flexible.

To Become an AJM Volunteer

We would love to hear from you!

Additional Ways to Support Us

Financial Donations

Donate Jazz Materials