Jelly Roll Label Sessions 1943/1945 VJAZZ 003 – JRL 072


These recordings by broadcaster and writer C. Ian Turner were intended for release on his intended Jelly Roll label. The performances, now released for the first time on this CD, represent some of the best Dixieland-style jazz of the early 1940s. The Bands—the Backroom Boys, the Ramblers, etc. all include the legendary Ade Monsbourgh.

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1. Rose Room
2. Dark Town Strutters Ball
3. Stormy Weather
4. You Must Have Been A beautiful Baby
5. That’s When I’ll Come Back To You
6. I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody ….Jelly roll
7. I Hear A Jazz Band
8. Sorry To Be Leaving
9. Some Of These Days
10. Stomp It Around
11. Fairfield Blues
12. Kelly’s Deal
13. Southbound Bump
14. The Jazz Parade
15. I Hear A Jazz Band Playing
16. The Rusty Drag
17. The King’s Cakewalk
18. Rainbow Jelly Strut Take #2
19. Is That The Way?
20. Lazy Stuff
21. The Father’s Stomp
22. Just A Petty Thing
23. Blues For Shirley
24. Big Butter & Egg Man

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