Become a Jazz Venue Partner

The Australian Jazz Museum would like to partner with jazz venues across Australia.  We hope that your jazz venue (hotel/restaurant/cafe, etc.) will become an AJM Jazz Venue Partner and reap the associated benefits and financial advantages.

You must be in Australia and the majority of your music must be jazz.

Benefits of Becoming an AJM Jazz Venue

  • Support the AJM and Australian Jazz,
  • AJM premium (Gold and Platinum) members receive a $250 gift certificate to the AJM Jazz Venue of their choice when they join or renew.  The $250 comes out of the member’s dues, there is no cost to the the AJM jazz venue.
  • The AJM Jazz Venue is listed on the AJM web site.  See Jazz Venue Partners and Links.
  • The AJM Jazz Venue is listed in the AJM’s quarterly magazine.
  • The AJM Jazz Venue is regularly highlighted on the AJM’s news/calendar page and the AJM’s social media.
  • The AJM Jazz Venue will (hopefully!) attract more customers due to AJM members:  selecting the jazz venue for their gift certificates, being attracted by the jazz venue’s AJM discount (see below), and providing referrals and recommendations.

In Exchange, the Jazz Venue:

  • Offers some type of discount to all AJM members (10% discount, reduced admission, free desert or drink after ordering a main, etc.).
  • Lists “Proud Supporter of the Australian Jazz Museum” on their web site with a link to the AJM’s web site.
  • Puts up one or two A4 sized “Proud Supporters of the Australian Jazz Museum” posters in their vanue (the AJM will be happy to supply the poster).

Questions?  Want to Become an AJM Jazz Venue?

Contact Ken Brandt, Melvyn Forbes, or our team of membership volunteers.