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This CD features a collection of trumpeter Tony Newstead’s work with his various bands from 1950 to 1977. Supporting players include Willie McIntyre, John Tucker, Kenn Jones, Bill Rank, Max Kaminsky, Ross Anderson, Steve Waddell, Allan Browne and many other jazz icons playing a selection of entertaining tunes in trad jazz style.

01 I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
02 Wild Man Blues
03 Sunday
04 Memphis Blues
05 Davenport Blues
06 Drop Me Off At Harlem
07 Blue Feeling
08 Duff Campbell's Revenge
09 Singing The Blues
10 I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure
11 Sugar
12 Thou Swell
13 Louise
14 Rhythm King
15 Singing The Blues
16 I'm Checkin' Out Goo'm'bye
17 Ostrich Walk
18 No Regrets
19 Clementine
20 Back In Your Own Backyard
21 I Could Be With You

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