IMu Search

To commence an Advanced Search of the Collection:

1. press on the “V” in the search bar (as circled below) and then click on the “Advanced Search” option.

2. From the “Choose a module” drop-down list select “Catalogue Search”

3. In this example we are searching our Catalogue items in the Music Category for a CD with the word “Saturday” in the title. Fill the fields as below and press the Search at the bottom of the screen.

This should result in currently 22 items in our search result. Clicking on any of these found items will open up the item for your viewing.

4. Back at the top of our Advanced Search you may have noticed 3 modules to select from.

    • Narrative Search – Narrative in another word we use for Stories or Tours. An example would be to search for the title “Women in jazz”
    • Catalogue Search – refer item 3 above
    • Parties Search – Parties can be either Organisations or People. Simple put if it is a single person the y will be in a Person record else for multiple people, band names, or non-person items they will be listed as Organisations.

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