Become a Jazz Festival Partner

The Australian Jazz Museum would like to partner with jazz festivals across Australia. We hope that your jazz festival will become an AJM Jazz Festival Partner and reap the associated benefits and financial advantages.

Benefits of Becoming a Jazz Festival Partner

  • AJM will preserve and showcase the festival’s history
  • AJM will help publicise the festival (listing and links on the AJM website, in the AJM magazine, and via AJM social media)
  • Everyone who purchases a festival ticket and joins the AJM at the same time (via the jazz festival’s web site) will receive a 10% discount on their AJM membership.
  • AJM members are a source of potential festival volunteers, performers, and attendees
  • AJM will provide a point person to:
    • Coordinate with the festival during the planning stages and be onsite at the festival location during the festival
    • Facilitate the transfer of festival materials into the AJM collection,
    • Champion and facilitate the dissemination, showcasing, and exhibiting of the festival’s material by the AJM and others
  • AJM will develop (and jointly staff with festival volunteers) a booth/marque at each festival exhibiting some aspect of the festival’s history using materials from the AJM’s or the festival’s collection

In Exchange, the Jazz Festival

  • Offers and promotes AJM membership as part of the festival’s payment process
  • Lists and publicises AJM as a festival partner, and offers AJM members a 10% discount on the festival admission price.
  • Provides a suitable booth/marquee for the AJM throughout the festival

AJM contact:

Contact Mel Forbes and our team of jazz festival volunteers on  or call +61 3 9800 5535, 10AM to 3PM Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday .