JazzArt Collection Volume 1 – The Traditionalists 1 – 1949/1953 VJAZZ 011 – JAZ 453


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Melbourne’s music store owner Bob Clemens established his own record label, Jazzart, in 1948 and, over 4 years, issued a large selection of Australian Dixieland (or traditional jazz) and progressive (or modern) jazz. This CD contains 24 tracks of traditional jazz from the bands of Len Barnard, the Southern Jazz Group and Lazy Ade Monsbourgh.

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1. Moose March
2.  Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa
3.  Texas Moaner
4.  Wait Till You See My Baby Do The Charleston
5.  Lord Let Me In The Lifeboat
6.  Mr Jelly Lord
7.  New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
8.  Stomp Off Let’s Go
9.  1919 March
10.  Snag It
11.  King Of The Zulus
12.  Brown Skin Mama
13.  It’s Tight Jim
14.  Original Georgia Grind
15.  Working Man’s Blues
16.  Cushion Foot Stomp
17.  Ory’s Creole Trombone
18.  Clarinet Marmalade
19.  Dixie Jazzband One Step
20.  That Mesmerising Rag
21.  Passion Rag
22.  Race Day Rag
23.  Stomp It Around
24.  Tell The Boys You Saw Me