John Tucker’s Yacht Club Jazz Band 1976 VJAZZ 021 – TUC 511


The 15 professionally recorded tracks on this CD are played in the true New Orleans tradition by clarinettist bandleader John Tucker. Others in the band include the legendary Tony Newstead, Steve Waddell, Geoff Kitchen, Geoff Bland, Tony Orr, Ron Williamson and Allan Browne and Barry Markby.

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1.  Jazz Me Blues
2.  Sugar
3.  From Monday On
4.  No Regrets
5.  My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms
6.  It Happened In Monterey
7.  Tia Juana
8.  Keeping Out Of Mischief Now
9.  Clementine (From New Orleans)
10.  Back In Your Own Backyard
11.  Take Your Tomorrows
12.  Jolly
13.  If I Could Be With You
14.  Milkman’s Matinee
15.  Can’t We Be Friends?

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