More Jazz Masters of the 1950s (Selected by Jazz Historian Jack Mitchell) – AJM 039 – 2 CD set


Jazz historian Jack Mitchell made the selections for this double-CD and has also written the comprehensive insert notes. There are 18 individual bands featured including Jack Allen’s Katzenjammers, Len Barnard, Jack Allan, Bob Gibson, Ray Price, Don Burrows, and the Port Jackson Jazz Band. The 49 tracks play for a generous 154 minutes.

 Listen to a sample – Port Jackson Jazz Band playing Exactly Like You

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Disc 1
1. Slipped Disc (Jack Allan)
2. I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling’ (Graeme Bell)
3. Hello Lola (Graeme Bell)
4. Down by the River (Graeme Bell)
5. Johnny’s Blues (Graeme Bell)
6. High Society (Graeme Bell)
7. Doctor Blues (Graeme Bell)
8. Boogie Woogie Stampede (Les Welch)
9. That Da Da Strain (Len Barnard)
10. Georgia Bo Bo (Len Barnard)
11. Messin’ Around (Len Barnard)
12. Mama’s Gone Goodbye (Len Barnard)
13. Roseville Rhythm Part 1 (Fascinating Rhythm) (Jack Allan)
14. Roseville Rhythm Part 2 (Fascinating Rhythm) (Jack Allan)
15. St Louis Blues March (Bob Gibson)
16. Your Feet’s Too Big (Les Welch)
17. West End Blues (Les Welch)
18. Myrtle Shlnney (Steamboat Stompers)
19. Stomp Time Blues (Blues Stampede) (Len Barnard)
20. Manhattan (Jack Allan)
21. Too Marvellous For Words (Jack Allan)
22. Indiana (Jack Allan)
23. Saturday Night Fish Fry (Les Welch)
24. Struttin’ With Some Barbeque (Ray Price)
25. Sensation Rag (Ray Price)
26. Indiana (Ray Price)

Disc 2
1. I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None o’ My Jellyroll (Ray Price)
2. Tune for Jalmey (Australia Jazz Quartet)
3. Back Back Baby (Les Welch)
4. Sometimes I’m Happy (Don Burrows)
5. Dancing on the Ceiling (Don Burrows)
6. Harlem Nocturne (Don Burrows)
7. I May be Wrong (Don Burrows)
8. The Peanut Vendor (Bob Barnard)
9. Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home (Bob Barnard)
10. New Orleans (Port Jackson Jazz Band).
11. High Society (Port Jackson Jazz Band)
12. Coquette (Port Jackson Jazz Band)
13. China Boy (Port Jackson Jazz Band)
14. Forty and Tight (Port Jackson Jazz Band)
15. Exactly Like You ((Port Jackson Jazz Band)
16. Not So Fast (Ron Falson)
17. Coup de Gras (Ron Falson)
18. I Found a Million Dollar Baby (Ron Falson)
19. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Van Der Harst Quartet)
20. Sweethearts on Parade (Black Opal Jazz Band)
21. Coney Island Washboard (Black Opal Jazz Band)
22. Cast In the Mould (Black Opal Jazz Band)
23. Big Bear Stomp (Black Opal Jazz Band)

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