2009 Exhibition – Australian Jazz Convention

2009 Australian Jazz Convention

“THE Australian Jazz Convention”

Commencing Tuesday, 29th September 2009, the Victorian Jazz Archive Inc will proudly present a pictorial history exhibition of the Australian Jazz Convention which is now in its 64th consecutive year.

“…And I have plans after the war for a terrific Jazz Convention (the first in history in Melbourne).”   These were the words written in the letter by jazz musician Ade Monsbourgh when he wrote to C. Ian Turner on the 9th October 1944, and which outlines his plans for an Australian Jazz Convention. Posted from Sydney, where Ade was serving in the Air Force during the second world war, it shows a post mark Sydney 10th of October 1944. The four page letter was mostly about collecting and swapping jazz records which was extremely rare at the time.

The exhibition at our Wantirna premises is dedicated to all musicians, committees and jazz enthusiasts who have contributed to this unique event over its lifetime, and will be open until the end of March 2010.