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Three popular bands of the 1960s’ New Orleans revival style are featured on this CD: The Hot Sands Jazz Band from an unreleased session in 1963, the Melbourne New Orleans Wanders from a professionally recorded session in 1964, and six previously never-issued tracks from the Melbourne New Orleans Jazz Band from Nottingham in England on their 1963 tour.

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The Hot Sands Jazz Band

1. I Just Can’t Do it
2. Walking With The King
3. Someday You’ll Want me to Want You
4. My Baby Rocks Me
5. Marie
6. Jackass Blues

Melbourne New Orleans Wanderers
7. Bugle Boy March
8. Savoy Blues
9. Panama
10. Climax Rag
11. The Curse of an Aching Heart
12. One Sweet Letter From You
13. High Society
14 .Saratoga Swing
15. Don’t Go Away Nobody
16. Eh La Bas

Melbourne New Orleans Jazz Band
17. Dans Les Rues D’Antibes
18. Hiawatha
19. Harlem Rag
20. Lead Me Savioyur
21. Black Cat on a Fence
22. Steam Boat Stomp

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